Ana’s sensitive, intuitive approach to coaching has helped me understand and address places where I have been getting stuck my entire life. She is truly a skilled coach who balances careful prompting with a keen respect of one’s own process. She has consistently guided me to new insight with a natural style that makes a challenging process fun and even energizing.Robin B.

Coaching is an amazing way to get movement on progress on those nagging things that you’ve been meaning to change about your life for the last 5, 10 or 20 years. Ana is an incredibly professional and skilled coach dedicated to helping people create the lives that they want. She can help you get unstuck, untrapped in your life and back in the driver’s seat. Evelyn F.

Working with Ana was as enjoyable as it was helpful. She is one of those rare people who is perceptive, insightful and easy to build rapport with. She was truly born to do this work, as she is an incredibly curious and compassionate person, and a highly skilled coach. I appreciated her holistic and practical approach, which helped me gain clarity about my goals and create a game plan to achieve them. She made the coaching process a useful, eye-opening and even fun experience. Also, her approach to coaching being from a Christian faith-based perspective has helped me a lot! As a minister, it is not an easy task to find a coach that will incorporate my Christian faith within the process. Craig J.,PhD

Taking the time to work with Ana as a life coach has made a remarkable difference in my life. For example, in the crux of a near crisis at my previous job, she helped me see the bigger picture of what is important in my life by having me engage in activities that would explore my needs anddesires.Since then, I’ve moved on to a more fulfilling job and life has followed in a smooth andjoyous way. It’s a wonderful experience to have someone looking out for your best interests and guiding you in the right direction. Thanks Ana! Bronia S.

If you are looking for someone to help you tackle life’s daily challenges and transform yourself into the person you envision, look no further…Ana is an incredible intuitive coach who will guide you through your fears and help you discover new techniques on how to proceed with your new outlook on life. She has helped me have a clear picture of certain aspects in my life, deal with some issues I have ignored for some time, and prioritize what is important in my life. Ana speaks this language of true love, respect and honesty that sheds all communication barriers and allows for the tender heart to be open and feel no discomfort. Mihaela G.

Ana, as my coach, has helped me to start thinking of ways to find my place into a local church and take action in achieving this goal. I felt happy to actually act in this direction and explore new options for my life! Mirela E.

Ana is an insightful, thoughtful and caring coach who does a great job of really listening,identifying what needs to be worked on, and then empowering you to find solutions and move forward. She is subtle in her approach, never heavy-handed, yet has a highly intelligent way of communicating, pinpointing the truth and illuminating it. Ana is genuine and really cares about her clients. She helps me to see things in new ways and I really appreciate her perspective. Wally B.

Ana Vanderhurst, as our executive coach, has helped our company develop the appropriate goals, plans, strategies, policies, procedures, and structures in order to fulfil our visions. Her expertise was invaluable to effective teamwork, and through her assistance our company gained a clear understanding of how to initiate, develop, and guide a group of diverse people toward becoming a cohesive team. Richard V.

Ana of Impact Life Coaching has really helped me to shape my life into what I always thought it could be, but needed guidance to get to. She has helped me in the way I look at relationships and relate to my partners, family, and friends to create and maintain fulfilling personal relationships. Through sessions with her I’ve been able to focus my goals, and I’ve gained confidence in myself and my decision-making process. I definitely recommend her services to anyone! Tim T.

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