????????Being involved in ministerial work for almost 20 years has offered me opportunities to interact with numerous ministers and their families, and God stirred a passion in my heart to become a minister to the ministers. The behavioral patterns observed while interacting with ministers and their families were diverse, bringing to the surface the reality that ministers are sometimes put on a pedestal by their followers, and their fame prevents them from exposing their human side to the congregation.

My observations have indicated me that ministers are expected to appear perfect, and the pressure of maintaining perfection is many times the number one cause for ministers to not ask for help for their problems until it is too late. I was saddened to discover how many of the ministers that I interacted with were suffering in silence, unable to ask for help or even talk about their problems. They didn’t want people to know the “real” them, so they hid behind a mask, pretending that they had everything under control in their lives. However, some were not able to hide their problems forever, and the issues that they failed to deal with came to the surface causing them to fall from a high position of authority in the Body of Christ. For the first time in my life I realized how isolated and lonely the job of a minister can be, and my heart was moved with compassion to help those that serve others.

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